"There is more to it than meets the eye"

"There is more to it than meets the eye"

Intaglio print series consisting of 10 editions.

Stick insects mastered camouflage through their evolution. When threatened, they perform swaying movements as branches do when being moved by wind or slight breeze. These animals are peaceful herbivores only consuming their favorite plant leaves and fresh dew from condensation. Some species of these insects are now extinct in the wilderness due to wildfires affecting the only forests and plants that they prefer - a few breeders keep generations safe and alive.

The pictured animals are my own little stick insects; still life drawing.


Every print I make starts with a drawing made on paper.

After transferring the drawing with tracing papers, this artwork is engraved into a coated copper plate by hand using a drypoint tool. Once the engraving is finished, the plate is suspended completely into ferric chloride until the lines have been etched enough so it will hold more ink, resulting in more intense prints.


Paper size: 280mm x 190mm.
Sold and shipped unframed, without a passepartout.

Image size: 150mm x 100mm.

Every print is issued with a tracking number, which I will provide at shipping confirmation. The packaging consists of a sustainable climate neutral-labeled cardboard envelope, and the prints are carefully inserted into a plastic bag for moisture protection.

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