When you buy a piece of crystal/mineral from an online platform, normally you get something random from a mixed pile without any consideration. If someone gifts you such an item, in the form of a raw specimen or in the shape of a jewelry, that is more likely that it was chosen with care that it would suit You.

I am one of these people who wishes it was possible to choose some of the specimen that later I got to carry with myself day to day.

Because of that, I thought that it's best to make this concept a reality!

The "Pick-Your-Pebble" concept allows exactly that - before you request a commission for a pebble item/jewelry piece from me, I ask you to study the catalogue attached so your custom item can be tailored for yourself or to the recipient of your choice as much as possible.

Please note that altough extremely rare, there is a chance that during the process something can go wrong. Choose a backup pebble from the catalogue to ensure that if the 1% chance of failure is to happen, the pebble will be still to your liking and that you are prepared to welcome the secondary pebble as much as the primary one.

Ready-to-purchase pebbles can also be found in my shop.

The price of a custom pebble starts from 60€, depending on complexity and metal/material use the price will increase.

Some examples of custom and series of pebbles: