Illustration in the sense of drawing and painting is an evergreen passion for me. From simple direct colour illustrations to complex paintings, I love to take on any form and always welcome a challenge that I have not tackled yet.

I currently produce all the comics and illustrated manuals for, as well as prepare artwork for Smoke & Mirrors for their manuals, articles and casual illustrated material. In the meantime I keep updating the Dinoboi Adventures Comics, in my freetime I work on the development of my medieval themed story project: "The 100 Years Hourglass" which involves a lot of sketching, drawing, writing and even 3D modeling.

In the future, I would love to do more illustrations in themes and fields not shown in my portfolio, such as illustrating for childrens' books, or illustrations focused on more casual themes, technical drawings and botanical illustrations and more mascot designs.

Of course, in the meantime I still welcome projects that are within my already explored fields!

If you like what I do and would have a project we could work on together, let's get in touch!